Handler and K-9 testify in Strickland arson trial

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — On the third day of trial prosecutors called up special agents Wednesday with the State Bureau of Investigation in the arson case against Allen “Frog” Strickland. The teen is accused of burning his own home in an attempt to collect money from his insurance.

Special Agent Danny Bridges, a fire accelerator K-9 handler, told the jury he and his partner “Phoenix” were brought in to investigate Strickland’s home which went up in flames in July 2009. The agent told the jury the dog identified two spots inside the home that tested positive for gasoline which includes the burned sofa in Strickland’s living room and a section of carpet in front of it. The prosecution demonstrated to the jury how accurate the K-9 is with identifying a fire accelerate. The dog was commanded by Special Agent Bridges to find an area in the courtroom that contained gasoline that was put there intentionally.

The trial resumes Thursday morning. The prosecution is expected to wrap up with their witnesses by the end of the day.

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