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Trial opens for man charged with drowning daughter

A trial has started for a North Carolina man charged with drowning his 3-year-old daughter and trying to kill his other two children.

Death penalty trial begins for NC inmate in prison attack

A death penalty trial has begun for the first of four North Carolina inmates accused of using scissors and hammers from a prison workshop to kill four workers and hurt eight others during a failed escape attempt.

Jury backs writer Sparks in employment lawsuit

A federal jury has sided with novelist Nicholas Sparks and the private Christian school he founded in his North Carolina hometown, dismissing claims by the school's former headmaster that he was unjustly fired, then slandered by the author.

North Carolina partisan gerrymandering state trial begins

A North Carolina state court trial on whether legislative districts are illegal partisan gerrymanders starts just weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it wasn't the purview of federal courts to decide if boundaries are politically unfair.

Juror goes into labor, resulting in murder case mistrial

A mistrial in a North Carolina murder case has been declared, as a juror went into premature labor after deliberations had begun.

Another trial looms for ex-Trump campaign chairman Manafort

As jurors weigh Paul Manafort's fate in a sprawling financial fraud case, the former Trump campaign chairman still has another trial looming in the nation's capital — and prosecutors there have a whole new set of charges and a huge volume of evidence.

Douglas Edwards sentenced to at least 80 years in prison

Less than 24 hours after finding Douglas Edwards guilty of multiple charges including kidnapping and attempted murder of a six-year-old girl, the judge has now decided long he'll spend behind bars for his crime.
Douglas Edwards verdictvideo

Jury returns guilty verdict in Douglas Edward trial

It was a child abduction that gripped our community one year ago. And today, after deliberating for hours a jury found Douglas Edwards guilty of multiple charges including kidnapping and attempted murder of a six-year-old girl.

Man accused of kidnapping 6-year-old child takes the stand

The State is expected to rest its case on the fifth day of trial for Douglas Edwards. 

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