Harmonious home tech is possible in 2022

It is possible to keep all your smart devices working together
Amazon Ring doorbells (Photo: Ring)

http://WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Tech gadgets are part of everyday life and keeping them coordinated and working together is a challenge.  Companies like Apple, Samsung, and Amazon continue to add new devices that home consumers have to install.

Pocket Geek Home is an app that gives you access to live tech support, claims filing, and much more.  Nathalie Campo Lopez, Director, Connected Home Product Marketing and Sales Enablement, says Pocket Geek Home gives unlimited support.  “If the doorbell camera isn’t working or if somehow, it’s not connection to the smart phone, tablet, or any other dEvice that is integrated, such as speakers,” she says “we can troubleshoot by talking directly to the customer to help them with the camera or any other device in their home to automate their life and get the problem solved much quicker.”

Lopez says the future will bring more devices into our homes and “consumers who aren’t married to any one specific brand. ”  That makes plans at Pocket Geek Home even more important.  “Consumers need a place to turn for everything,” Lopez says, “regardless of brand.”

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