Historic Preservation Commission supports Brick Streets Policy

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Historic Preservation Commission is in support of the proposed Brick Streets Policy. The commission held a special meeting Thursday to discuss the policy with city staff.

The Brick Streets Policy was created to maintain and preserve Wilmington’s historic brick streets, and outlines what would happen if the streets need to be torn up for utility work or other repairs. In many cases, the brick street would be replaced.

“One of the main things that this policy does is give us those guidelines in order to determine how we’re going to put the street back together after the utility line or other type of project requires that the bricks be disturbed,” Public Services Director David Mayes said.

Janet Seapker, a member of the Historic Preservation Commission, added that she hopes the policy will give the city a more unified image. Seapker said the brick streets contribute to the quality of life people enjoy in Wilmington.

“It’s one of those resources that a lot of people just overlook, but it really contributes greatly to the ambiance of the historic district.”

The current policy is not intended to secure funding or decide future restoration.

City staff will present the Brick Streets Policy to City Council at an agenda briefing in August.


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