Holden Beach Central Reach Project replenishes shore, creates opportunities

A new Brunswick County project designed to re-nourish Holden Beach is getting a lot of positive feedback.

“We heard about the wonderful improvement that the dredging has brought to the beach, and we came over to see it for ourselves,” said Holden Beach resident Brenda Sarao.

The $15 million project, called the Central Reach Project, is designed to refortify the beach by taking sand from the ocean floor and pumping it onto the shore. The time-consuming process will take four to six weeks to complete, despite the fact that the equipment runs all day, every day.

Town Manager David Hewett says that the project is vital for the island in more ways than one.

“The purpose of the project is three fold. First, to protect property values here at the beach. As you can see, there’s about 100 feet of new beach in front of the homes,” he said.

“Next, it will increase recreational opportunities for the public at large. And thirdly, to improve the natural environment and create opportunities for things like shore birds and turtles.”

Hewett says that the project is estimated to be finished just in time for summer.

“We’re really looking forward to the upcoming summer season with this nice wide beach here in front of us,” he said.

Once it has been pumped onto the shore line, the new sand is projected to last for at least ten years.

The project was funded by a $12 million Special Obligation bond and a $3 million contribution from the town of Holden Beach.

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