House votes to pass budget; will conference with Senate before sending to Gov. Cooper

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The North Carolina House voted 72-41 Thursday afternoon to pass its version of the state budget, with nine Democrats joining with the Republicans in approving the plan.

The House will conference with the Senate next to try to reconcile differences and put together a bill to send to Gov. Roy Cooper.

The budget plan includes one-time bonuses and pay raises for state workers as well as tax cuts for individuals and businesses.

“It takes a lot of these one-time moneys and invests them in needs that have been around for decades. Everything from repairs and renovations, transportation, you name it,” said House Speaker Tim Moore. “Having such a strong vote shows there’s a lot of support.”

While most state employees would see average raises of 5 percent over two years, K-12 teachers would see average raises of 5.5 percent. It also contains some provisions educators have wanted to see for years, including eliminating the requirement that teachers pay $50 to help hire a substitute when they take a personal day and restoring the salary boost for teachers with master’s degrees.

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