How will bus rides look for students in New Hanover County?

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — When students go back to the classroom in New Hanover County, how they get there is going to look very different.

Students will be screened both before and after riding the school bus.

Also, each child will need a signed document from their parent that says they are free of COVID-19 symptoms.

Once on the bus, there will be one child to every seat unless they are siblings, cutting down the capacity from 72 to 24.

“A screening process that is done at home by the parents and there’s a list of questions as well as a temperature check that’s taken each day. That’s turned in by the parent, attestation form,” NHCS Assistant Superintendent for Operations Eddie Anderson said. “Once that’s done, the child will be allowed to ride the bus.”

The school district say they are planning for shorter, quicker bus routes.

They will include community based stops instead of going door to door.

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