Hundreds of families blessed with boxes of produce, gallons of milk and hot meals

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — In less than an hour, the Christian Recovery Center  Inc. distributed more than 1,400 hot meals to families in Brunswick County Saturday afternoon at First Baptist Church Shallotte.

Executive Director for the Brunswick Christian Recovery Center Joshua Torbich says there were many groups that contributed. He says Ward’s Fruit and Produce sent each car off with a box full of 60 pounds of produce from potatoes to apples.

“I saw a lot of people today who sincerely probably needed the resources,” Torbich said. “You can sincerely tell people in a shape where they needed the resources, but I also saw people who were naturally out here to participate in the warm feeling.”

Borden donated over 4,000 gallons of milk to give away.

He says Brunswick Butcher donated about 60 Boston butts for the hot bbq plates that were prepared by the Center’s Culinary Chef Timothy McDowell. McDowell prepared the Boston butt, cole slaw, mashed potatoes and rolls for each plate, according to Torbich.

He says Carolinas Coastal Construction Group donated money to help run the event, as well.

“I think majority of them are enjoying a warm, friendly smile and somebody who is doing something for the community,” Torbich said. “I gotta tell you something: 76 volunteers checked in this morning to run this event. That’s huge. That’s an enormous amount of people, who gave away their Saturday to participate in something like this.”

Torbich says the Brunswick Family Assistance and the Brunswick Senior Resource Center will distribute any items not collected at Saturday’s event.

Torbich says this community outreach was also an opportunity for 14 men participating in the drug and alcohol addiction recovery program to volunteer in the community.

Drivers were not allowed out of their vehicle for health and safety.

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