Hundreds honor Martin Luther King Jr. at annual Wilmington parade

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —  There have been many events across the cape fear over the past week to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Junior and they all led up to today, his day.

Hundreds of folks traveled to Downtown Wilmington to show how much his actions meant to them at the annual MLK parade.

It was those words in Martin Luther King Junior’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech that has left a lasting impression on our society. His speech and actions had a big push to end racism in America.

Now more than 50 years from the day, some still think we have a long ways to go. Wilmington resident James Boynton is one of them.

“For people to carry out his dream, we need to hold hands and walk together, eat together, shop together, laugh together instead of acting violent, shooting and fighting at each other. People need to act better so they can continue to teach their kids and carry on the message of Doctor Martin Luther King,” Boynton said.

Many believe it’s important to continue spreading the message and history behind his speech, especially to our kids.

For 4-year-old Henry Laudadio, who was in MLK parade, he is already curious about the history of Dr. King.

“He has already asked me what the word ‘segregation’ means and so we were already talking about,” said Meghan Sweeney. “He’s only 4 year old, but I think it is really important even at his young age to make sure children are aware of the injustice in our world and are trying to do something even when they are only 4 years old to make it right.

We asked a few people if they thought Dr. King’s dream is still alive.

“It’s very strong, but in some places the dream might be weak, but as events continues and the message spreads, I think our younger generation will get to know more about him,” Boynton said.

“I think we are having a really tough time especially in North Carolina, but I think more and more people are realizing that we need to do something, that we need to vote, and that we need to make some changes in our community,” Sweeney said.

Doctor King’s youngest daughter,Bernice King, will be the keynote speaker for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. celebration at UNCW this Friday at 7 p.m. in Kenan Auditorium.

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