‘Ironman Grandpa’ makes 5th trek across the United States

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Having three near death experiences can be eye-opening, and make you appreciate those around you who have helped you through the tough times, like first responders. But have you ever heard of someone walking almost 3,000 miles to show their appreciation?

80 year old Al Slusser calls himself the “Ironman Grandpa.” He has been around this track a few times, and when we say “track” we mean the entire length of the United States, four different times, from four different angles.

After surviving a plane crash, car crash and a house fire, Slusser has taken it upon himself to raise awareness for first responders.

He spoke at Wilmington Christian Academy’s elementary school Friday about his upcoming journey and why it’s important to thank them.

“It was on my mind as an 18 year old boy to someday walk from sea to shining sea and then one day I was watching a program on television about fulfilling your bucket list and that came to the surface of my mind, and that was at the age of 61 and at the age of 70 I began walking.”

Slusser is not slowing down anytime soon. He’s leaving for his fifth trek on I-40 on Monday morning from Freedom baptist Church in Wilmington.

If you spot him anywhere between here and Bakersfield California, be sure to give him a donation.

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