Irrigation meters cost $4,000 for Kure Beach residents

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Irrigation rates are high for Kure Beach.

One town commissioner said it’s in order to promote water conservation, while one resident just wants to keep her yard looking nice for a lower price.

Trying to keep summer lawns looking green, can cost a lot of green in Kure Beach.

Those who want to buy an irrigation meter to keep an eye on water usage and save on water fees will have to pay a lot of money upfront.

“Four-thousand dollars is an incredible amount of money,” Seawatch HOA President, Debbie Elliott said.

A few miles up the road in Carolina Beach it will only cost around $700 for the extra meter. This is something Elliott doesn’t think is fair.

“I was told the reason the rate was so high was to encourage conservation, but unfortunately I don’t think it encourages conservation at all. I think what it does do, is puts an undue burden on anyone in our community who chooses to have a landscape,” Elliott said.

Kure Beach Town Commissioner David Heglar said water is a necessity and if he had a choice he would make the cost of the meters even higher.

“I am against people wasting water and my personal opinion is to, way you get people to take actions is through the financial means,” Heglar said.


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