‘It looks like a movie’: Fire destroys supermarket, leaves community in shock

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A Wilmington grocery store is now reduced to rubble after a fire tore through Village Plaza on Greenfield Street Wednesday night.

The flames destroyed Everybody’s Supermarket and other buildings in the complex. Last night flames could be seen coming from the roof of the supermarket.

The fire was called in a little after 7 p.m. and was under control after midnight.

Community members and other business owners in the plaza said this is devastating for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Many still cannot believe what happened including Darrius White, whose business was destroyed by the fire.

“It doesn’t seem real,” White said. “It looks like a movie. I watched the whole thing cave in last night. I stayed out here til maybe about, I think it was twelve something, twelve something last night. Just watching it, it’s something from a movie not real life.”

Multiple agencies investigated.

“Everything you work for gone, livelihood gone, how you pay bills. It’s like you’re at a loss. You don’t know what to do,” Whitefire said.

Investigators said the building is damaged so badly it’s not safe to be inside. White did not have time to save anything from his shop.

“Violated, you know when someone breaks into your house they take stuff out of it. You feel violated everything is gone,” White said.

Whitefire said it did more than ruin the business, it ruined a community need.

“A lot of people in this area they don’t have cars. They have to walk to be able to get groceries, get something to eat once in a while when they don’t want to cook,” White said.

White’s business partner Quail Alston was also inside the building when the fire started.

“To see this building go down like this, it’s real hurtful,” Alston said.

The fire also burned a church and a couple of other businesses in the plaza. Alston said the damage is done, but it won’t stop them from moving forward.

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