Jeep crashes into three cars and two Greenville Loop Road homes: homeowners speak out

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Between midnight and 12:30 Saturday morning, a 16-year-old lost control on a Greenville Loop Road curve, plowing off the street and into three cars and two homes.

“It was right at midnight, and I just woke up to this loud bang,” said resident and Pender County Sheriff’s deputy, Breanna Davis. “A crash it sounded like. And we’ve had people wreck here before, but never this bad. This one shook the house.”

The lifted jeep clipped one car, running another over, crashing through a corner of a home before knocking a tree onto Davis’s patrol car, totaling it.

“When the young gentleman came through,” Davis explained, “the tree came with him. And it landed on my patrol car. And he flipped off of it into the neighbor’s living room.”

The neighbor, David O’Leary says the crash shattered the windows in his home.

“I thought my house had exploded,” O’Leary remembered. “It was about 12:30.”

O’Leary was fast asleep one room over when the driver crashed through his spare bedroom.

“And when I went out to check on it, I opened my door,” said O’Leary. “I could see debris all down my hallway. I looked back here, and there was no wall, but there was a Jeep’s front end sitting in my bedroom.”

Davis was the first on the scene. She called for backup and helped the teenage boy until an ambulance arrived.

According to Davis and O’Leary, the situation could have been a lot worse. The teen drove through Davis’s roommate’s bedroom, knocking parts of her bed into the side yard. Thankfully, the roommate was out of town that night.

“It was an inconvenience for me and all,” said O’Leary, “but it can all be fixed. As long as nobody was hurt. ”

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