Jellyfish invade Oak Island on Labor Day

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — This Labor Day has brought more than just the stinging realization that summer is over. In Oak Island, where people are dealing with a different type of sting.

“It was a jellyfish and it really hurt,” said Brianna Whitlock.

Whitlock hasn’t spent much time on the beach this summer. She got an opportunity to come to Oak Island and celebrate Labor Day, only to be met with an unpleasant surprise.

“Everyone was playing chicken fight and all of a sudden, something pinched me, and it felt like a crab. And then it just started stinging, and I started screaming and crying,” said Whitlock.

And she isn’t the only one who fell victim to the brainless creature’s tentacles.

“Yesterday I was talking to my neighbor who came into town for the weekend and he said he was right here with his dogs and yesterday morning he got bit. I guess it was hurting pretty bad, but he said there’s been abnormally more than normal years,” said Sean DeBevoise.

DeBevoise lives on Oak Island and he says this isn’t the only place jellyfish have been increasing in numbers.

“Downtown Wilmington up the river like 20 miles inland and that’s kind of brackish fresh water, and that’s why they see them up there that’s kind of abnormal, I would say,” said DeBevoise.

Although labor day marks the unofficial end to summer, the weather will still be nice enough to hit the beach for a while.

If you’re afraid of getting stung, pack some jellyfish spray or vinegar to stop the burn.

Experts say a strong east wind can push more jellyfish closer to shore from the Gulf Stream and that could be a reason we’ve seen more this weekend.

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