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Venomous Portuguese man-of-war wash up on NC beach

Watch out! A venomous type of jellyfish have washed up again along our coast.

Winds and currents push jellyfish into NC coastal waters

It should come as no surprise, but jellyfish are in the area and you might see them in our coastal waters.

Portuguese man-of-war spotted on North Carolina coast

National Park Service officials are warning North Carolina beach-goers to watch out for a venomous type of jellyfish being found on the North Core Banks.

Jellyfish invade Oak Island on Labor Day

This Labor Day has brought more than just the stinging realization that summer is over. In Oak Island, where people are dealing with a different type of sting.

Hundreds stung by jellyfish along SC coast

One Portuguese Man O' War washed ashore at Folly Beach during the past week.

National Weather Service warns of jellyfish stings, sightings

The National Weather Service is warning beach goers to be on the lookout for jellyfish.

‘Worst pain ever’: Surfer sent to ER after box jellyfish sting

A Wilmington man was sent to the ER over the weekend after doctors say he was stung by a box jellyfish.

Increased jellyfish, sea lice activity expected this week at area beaches

Agencies like Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue and the National Weather Service are expecting increased jellyfish activity this week.

South Carolina officials warn beachgoers of man-of-wars

South Carolina officials are warning beachgoers to watch their steps as Portuguese man-of-wars are washing onshore.

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