‘Keep it off our beach’: Surf City tries to tame beach trash problem

SURF CITY, NC (WWAY) — This weekend is Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer and with that comes beach season.

However, at one area beach they are already concerns about trash.

Many residents in the area would tell you Surf City has one of the most beautiful beaches in the state, but the occasional trash in the sand takes away from it.

“You used to be able to see trash and stuff on the beach like when you’re walking down it, like cigarette butts and stuff,” Surf City resident Troy Farless said.

The Town of Surf City has been trying to find a solution and their most recent attempt has shown some result but it’s not perfect.

Parks and Recreation Director Chad Merritt says trash on the beach has been an constant issue for the area.

He says the town has slowly taken steps to help with the issue such as taking the trash cans off the beach and putting them at the beach access entrances.

Merritt says they are now focusing on enforcing the rule so people new to the area or just visiting won’t add to the issue.

“Encourage people to utilize the cans where they’re located,” Merritt said. “But a lot of the issues that we had last year were still exist now. We’ve removed one, which was the overflow.”

Merritt says they will have staff going on the beach with trash bags and giving them to anyone who they notice leaving garbage in the sand to really drive the message home.

“We’re hoping that will kind of let them know that ‘Hey, we’re aware that you’ve got trash that’s collecting.’ So we’re hoping that will help with reducing some of those, the people that just blatantly leave the trash,” Merritt said.

Merritt says they’ve been talking to Waste Management to get a Friday pickup to cut down on trash going into the weekend.

These are the bins people are supposed to throw their trash out in and they’re at every public beach access the town manages.

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