Keep up with the number of turtle nests on our beaches

You can now keep up with just how many nests are on our beaches and on beaches all over the world thanks to a website from

The Sea Turtle Nest Monitoring System collects data from monitored sites from local organizations. The system was designed in cooperation with sea turtle coordinators in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Areas interested in using the Sea Turtle Monitoring System to manage data can contact to get a new beach added to the list.

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, our state has hit a record number of nests in 2019. The biggest year on record prior to this year was in 2016 with 1,622 nests. This year 1,770 loggerhead nests have been reported in North Carolina statewide.

The NC Wildlife Resources Commission says we will probably see even more through August and possibly even break 2,000 nests, although it’s too soon to say.

Make sure if you come across a sea turtle laying eggs, a nest, or hatchlings that you give them plenty of space and extinguish all visible light sources, like your cell phone, a camera, or a flashlight. The Wildlife Resources Commission says in cases of an emergency, such as a nest that is exposed by predators or high tides, you can contact the local sea turtle monitoring group by calling 911.

Click here to track turtle nests on beaches around the world.

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