Kure Beach surfer plans to set Guinness World Record

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY)– A Kure Beach surfer plans to beat a Guinness World Record this weekend.

Last year Ben Shaw beat a North Carolina record after surfing every single day for 439 days. Now he wants to try for a different title.

During the day Ben Shaw is a professor at Cape Fear Community College. In his free time, his wife Beca would call him a surfing addict.

“I’ve seen him get into a lot of stuff over the 14 years we’ve been married, but surfing is like nothing else,” she said. “He loves it.”

They even got tattooed wedding rings after the ocean took their real ones. Both of them have only been surfing for five years now, but they quickly got involved with Ccean Cure, a non-profit that allows children with disabilities to experience the freedom of surfing.

“I love seeing kids’ faces who catch their first wave,” Shaw said.

That is one of the reasons he decided to take on a Guinness World Record.

“The first thing I wanted to do was challenge myself, and the second thing was to raise more money for Ocean Kure.”

Saturday at 6:30 in the morning Shaw will try to beat the longest recorded surf session at 29 hours and 5 minutes.

“So what are you going for exactly?” we asked. “29 hours and 6 minutes,” Shaw said.

He says it’s not afraid of sharks or even surfing at night.

“I think it’s the sun. The sun just beating down on me for 14 straight hours,” Shaw said.

He says his supporters and sponsors will give him motivation, but while he rides each wave, he’s got one goal in mind.

“I told people not to donate unless i accomplish the record,” Shaw said.

He will be at H Avenue on Kure Beach from 6:30 Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon at 1:15.

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