Legislators respond to HB2 deadlock

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A special session called to repeal House Bill 2, also known as the “bathroom law,” ended in a deadlock Wednesday night.

State lawmakers were at odds for hours as they tried, and failed, to come up with an agreement on repealing the controversial bill.

It was a special session which appeared to be a compromise between Republicans and Democrats. However, that idea was quickly shut down as there was a clear lack of trust between both parties.

“We entered into an agreement in good faith. And in essence I feel that we tossed a yellow dog a bone and the dog bit the hand that fed them, ” Republican Senator, Bill Rabon said.

Senate Bill 4, the bill meant to repeal HB2 was split into two parts. The first, a straight forward vote yes or no on the controversial law, and the second a separate vote called a cooling off period.

A section some Democrats did not agree with.

Democratic Representative Susi Hamilton released the following statement:

“Neither the House nor Senate leadership put forward a clean bill to repeal HB2. If they had, I would have voted for it and come home. That didn’t happen. Don’t be fooled by obfuscating politicians trying to protect their own political futures.

Our economy has been held hostage for ten months by HB2. Finally, we had some hope when a special session to repeal the bill was called. Charlotte had done their part, paving the way for a bi-partisan compromise.

The Republican leadership failed to live up to their word. The 42 thousand dollars of NC taxpayer money wasted yesterday pales in comparison to the thousands of jobs lost and millions of dollars spent by companies going to other states because of HB2. Wednesday’s actions dashed the hopes of many who truly want to believe that their government can work for them.

The last two special sessions are reason for everyone on both sides of the aisle to step back, recall our common purpose, and pledge to work honorably going forward,” Representative Hamilton said.

Both parties pointing fingers at the other, meanwhile Senator Bill Rabon says it was Governor-elect Roy Cooper’s fault.

“What led to the failing was Roy Cooper calling every Democrat in the Caucus and telling them to vote against repealing House Bill Two. And they all did,” Cooper said.

WWAY reached out to the Cooper campaign and they said that it is not true, adding that Cooper urged all Democrats to vote for a clean full repeal of House Bill 2.

As of now HB2 stands, the General Assembly will be back in session January 11th.



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