Leland assisted living using video calls for family visits during quarantine

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — An assisted living facility in Leland is trying to keep its residents connected to family despite having to keep a distance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Leland House Assisted Living is using technology to connect their residents and loved ones while practicing social distancing.

Laurie Romand is the life enrichment coordinator at Leland House Assisted Living. She said she saw some other facilities around the country using Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and other video calls to help family members talk to their loved ones while they cannot visit each other.

Romand said some family members are used to visiting every day.

“It’s great because the families are very involved with residents there so this is equally as hard on them as it is for the residents not being able to see their loved ones so connecting with them via Facebook or Skype or Zoom has been really great so far,” Romand said.

Romand also said some of the residents do not fully understand what is going on or why they cannot see their family members right now.

“It’s very emotional, because as I said, some of the family members are used to visiting everyday and take their loved ones out, so to see the emotion that’s behind some of the conversation is tough for me,” Romand said. “Some of the residents don’t watch the news as much, they are not quite understanding why they are not seeing their daughter or son-in-law so much.”

Romand said they are going to have a picnic outside today for the residents. She said she wants to go live on Facebook so the families can have lunch with them. She also said they want to start using live capabilities for other activities and meetings for the residents and their families.

Romand said they are trying to get the word out to family members who want to do this. She said she realizes some people are not on Facebook. You can either contact Romand on the Leland House Facebook page or you can call the facility. Click here to go to the Facebook page. The phone number is (910) 383-6235. You can also email Romand at lela.act@affinitylivinggroup.com.

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