Leland couple meets Vice President Pence at Arlington Cemetery

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A Leland couple has quite a story to share this Memorial Day weekend.

Anna Glaeser said she and her husband Jason traveled to the Washington, DC, area to see her brother graduate from the US Naval Academy.

On Thursday, they stopped at Arlington National Cemetery to visit the grave sites where Anna’s grandparents are buried. At the same time, some soldiers were there placing flags on each grave site. They gave Anna a quarter to place on her grandparents’ headstone.

“My grandfather retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the army and of course his wife, my grandmother is buried there with him,” Anna said.

While they were at the cemetery, Vice President Mike Pence arrived to pay his respects to a fallen soldier. Mr. Pence and Sen. Tom Cotton approached the Glaesers, shook their hands and thanked them for paying their respects to the heroes of our country.

“You know you get butterflies in your stomach when the vice president of the United States is approaching you, but he was very kind and very gracious and completely reverent and respectful of, you know the atmosphere of the Arlington Cemetery commands and it was just really neat,” Anna said.

Pence also thanked Glaeser’s mother, who recently retired after 32 years of military service.

“He was happy to be there and he actually said he was honored to be in the presence of you know my family has had a long history of military service. My mom is retired Colonel. She was in the Army for 32 years and um yeah it was just really neat,” Anna said.

She said it’s a memory she’ll never forget.

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