Leland plans to fight H2Go transfer to Belville

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — A big surprise at last night’s H2Go meeting as the board voted to move all of the utility’s assets to the Town of Belville.

This morning the Town of Leland held an emergency closed door meeting to figure out what to do.

After the closed door meeting, the Leland council came out and made a motion to authorize the Law Firm of Kilpatrick Townsend to investigate and initiate a civil action to prevent the transfer of assets from H2Go to Belville.

That resolution came from a meeting last night when outgoing Commissioner Carl Antos presented the idea to move H2Go’s debts and assets to Belville.

A twist newly elected H2GO Board Member Bill Beer never saw coming.

“It’s surprising and shocking and somewhat concerning,” Beer said.

It is a bit of hope for H2GO’s Executive Director Bob Walker.

Walker said the reverse osmosis plant has been in the works for 6 years and millions of dollars have already been spent.

This is leaving him to believe the idea which came from outgoing commissioner Carl Antos could potentially save the future of the plant.

“Belville would still need to borrow their remaining funds to finish the project, but that’s a better scenario for them to move forward then it would be to have the newly sworn in board in December to just stop the project and waste 14 million dollars,” Walker said.

Leland is challenging the idea and Town Attorney John Wessell spoke on behalf of Leland council.

“I think the town has strong concerns about this action and they have expressed those concerns by virtue of the motion they have adopted and by essentially engaging a law firm to take action to stop this transfer,” Wessell said. “I don’t know if i can speak for all the reasons the town has, I believe probably those have been addressed in part in the past.”

Bill Beer, who was just elected to the H2Go board and takes Antos’s place on the board next month, said he is still in shock after last night’s meeting and is not sure how to process the news.

As for now it is to early to know what will happen next with not only the future of the reverse osmosis plant, but the future of H2GO as well.

The Town of Belville sent a statement that reads in part, “The Town of Belville is looking to the future and our goal is to provide safe, clean water to the community. With the conveyance of H2GO’s real and personal assets, H2GO’s customers will still be provided with the award-winning customer service that they have always received from H2GO, as well as at the same price for all customers. This transition will be smooth and seamless to ensure that water customers receive no interruption of service as this process goes forward. This is a move that must be made to provide our community with safe, clean water. Levels of GenX and other contaminants have been severely under reported. Who would stop, blunt or undermine a clean water alternative to a known, polluted water source? We currently have one water source and our citizens want a clean alternative. Let’s do more, be better and work together to find a safe solution for clean water.”

Leland’s attorney says the next step will be for the law firm to prepare and file the civil suit and that should be in the near future.

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