Leland incumbent mayor wins election

LELAND — With two men with experience running for Leland mayor many thought the race between incumbent Walter Futch and former mayor Frankie Thomas would be a close one.

But that wasn’t the case.

When all the votes were counted incumbent Walter Futch walked away as the winner with 71 percent of the vote.

Some voters we spoke with say the biggest issue facing the town of Leland is growth, and they wanted their mayor to be able to handle future development.

Leland resident Dawn Baldwin-Ivy said, “I think we need to be able to sustain the growth we currently have, provide the necessary resources, such as law enforcement, fire and water. And so that was really a huge point for me to make sure that I understood who stood where on that particular issue.”

Voter Deanna Brown said, “We’re a growing community and we need someone that is willing to get in their and knows how to prepare for that growth.”

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