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2020 Primary: Early voting gets underway in North Carolina

Early voting is officially underway in North Carolina and a new voting system is being used at some polls.

Bloomberg, surrogates for Sanders, Biden come to NC

North Carolina's primary elections are heating up with presidential candidates and their surrogates visiting as early in-person voting begins.

“Sordid history” cited as judge blocks NC’s voter ID law

The federal judge who blocked the newest version of a voter ID law in North Carolina cites the state's “sordid history of racial discrimination and voter suppression” as she ordered officials to not enforce the law in 2020.

North Carolina elections board chastises voting equipment vendor

North Carolina’s election supervisors chastised the nation’s largest voting machine manufacturer on Friday for late software and supply changes involving the planned rollout in coming weeks of voting systems that were recently approved for use in 2020 elections.

NC board considers changes to newly approved voting machines

North Carolina elections officials will decide whether to accept software and equipment alterations by a voting-machine manufacturer that recently got touch-screen ballot-marking devices certified for use in the state during the 2020 elections.

North Carolina lawmakers redraw state’s congressional map

A replacement map for North Carolina’s congressional districts was finalized Friday, with its lines redrawn to address alleged extreme partisan bias and endangering reelection prospects for two Republicans next year.

It’s the last day for same-day registration voting

If you still need to vote or even register to vote, time is running out.

State Board of Elections recommends voting early due to weather

As Hurricane Dorian approaches, the State Board of Elections encourages those eligible to vote in September 10 contests to consider casting their ballot during the One-Stop early voting period, which ends Friday.

New Hanover County Board of Elections to hold seminars about new voter ID requirements

The New Hanover County Board of Elections will hold two educational seminars about voter photo identification requirements on Tuesday, July 23.

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