LINC advocates voting rights for those with criminal records

Offers free resources to have record expunged

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – The General Election just months away, while some research their candidate of choice, some don’t have the option.

If you’ve been convicted of a felony, many of your rights are taken away but some are fighting to change that.

According to North Carolina General Statutes, those with a felony conviction, probation or parole are not eligible to register and vote.

Bryon Talbott said everyone who contributes to society, especially economically should have the right to vote for their elected officials.

“It just doesn’t seem fair, especially I mean if people, have done what the courts have ordered, what the judges have ordered to serve a penalty to serve a sentence

A three-judge panel ruled to allow those who don’t have the means to pay fines and fees, which extends their probation and parole, the right to vote.

However, those with a felony community probation and supervision, or parole are not eligible to register and vote, according to North Carolina General Statutes.

“Why not then be able to, have the right to vote, so that you can fully feel like an American citizen,” said Talbott.

Leading Into New Communities or LINC, Inc., is one of four organizations partnered with the Second Chance Alliance to help restore voting rights to nearly 60,000 North Carolinians with felony criminal records.

LINC can help get those with criminal records expunged, which would allow them the right to vote.

Frankie Roberts cofounded the LINC because everyone deserves a second chance.

“Last year we were able to get a significant bill pass that removes, or will remove misdemeanors that are five years old, and older,” he said.

The process happen without further action on behalf of the person with the conviction or attorney.

“They will be dismissed or fall off your record automatically, and automated,” said Roberts.

LINC offers these services free of charge for more information click here.

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