Carolina Beach fire trains crews on safety and teamwork

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Dozens of firefighters were hard at work Saturday learning the ins and outs of fighting a massive fire.

Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, City of Wilmington, New Hanover County, Surf City, Leland and other fire department crews participated.

“It’s also a great opportunity for these guys to work together,” Heather Griffin, the Carolina Beach Fire Chief’s wife, said. “That’s another piece of the training. Often times during large fires, they are working together so any chance that they have to work as a team just gives them the better experience to deal with a real fire.”

Griffin says this is also a good overall fire safety training.

“Being able to do this training with the other departments that are here allows them to experience real fire environment,” Griffin said. “When they are doing their firefighter training, they are in simulations where it’s not real live, so this allows them the opportunity to get the experience, feel the heat, and know kind of what they’re going to be going into if they are in a real fire.”

The blaze of the private home just off of Cape Fear Boulevard took hours to put out.

Each crews was split into teams to practice.

Griffin adds being a wife to the fire chief can be difficult at times.

“Just being the wife of a fire chief, a little bit of that load passes off on me because all the firemans’ wives look to me to give them information, if they are not getting it,” Griffin said.

But, Griffin says she supports her husband and is willing to lend a helping hand when necessary like at Saturday’s fire training where she helped with administrative tasks.

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