Local Black leaders gather to condemn Capitol Hill riots

NEW HANOVER COUNTY (WWAY) — In the wake of the Capitol Hill riots, local African American leaders gathered Saturday to discuss out nation’s current path.

“I’m somewhere between heartbroken…. and pissed off,” Reverend Dante Murphy summed up.

Black leaders from across the Cape Fear voiced their feelings, concerns, and responses to Wednesday’s riot.

Murphy continued, “How can we continue to allow this stuff to go on in a place that’s called the home of the free and the brave.”

One by one, members of the community, like NAACP leader Sonya Patrick, delivered speeches condemning the violence in Washington D.C., comparing the lead up to that of the 1898 Wilmington Massacre.

“Which was the result of an election,” Patrick explained. “That the wealthy white supremacists did not like the results of.”

Murphy went on to reflect on the damage words can do, saying, “Nobody believes in free speech as much as I do. But when it comes down to violence, When it comes down to causing harm to people, that’s where our freedoms should stop.”

Some asserted the President should be arrested, while others contrasted the police’s response to Black Lives Matter protests and their response to Wednesday’s violence, when a police officer was killed.

Reverend Murphy from Pender County said he was appalled at the difference in treatment this group of rioters received, and feels justice was not served.

“There is something wrong in America when people of that hatred, of that nature, are allowed to run loose without any reprimand,” said Murphy.

The group of religious, NAACP, and Black Lives Matter leaders came together to vent, but ultimately to jot their community into action.

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