Local brewery partners with farm to reuse grains leftover from brewing

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Have you ever wondered what breweries do with all the leftover grains they produce when brewing their beers?

One local brewery and farm teamed up to put that waste to good use.

“It’s really, more or less, just giving our cows a really nice treat,” Michael Lanier, from Old River Farms, said.

One man’s mash is another man’s treasure, or cow’s treasure.

“Not only are we giving our cows a really nice treat, but we’re helping out another local business by taking something that would otherwise be thrown away, and putting it to use,” Lanier said.

When you go to Flying Machine Brewing, you only see their beer after its brewed. What you don’t see is what’s left over.

“Every brew that we produce, we’re somewhere around 1,000 to 2,000 pounds of just grain,” Dean Moore, with Flying Machine Brewing said. “This is usually malted barley, but can be oats and rye and wheat.”

Instead of throwing away the grains, also known as beer mash, Moore says, why not spread the wealth?

That’s why Flying Machine teamed up with Old River Farms.

“They’re giving us the exact right amount to keep our cows grass-fed, but basically, it’s offering them a treat,” Lanier said.

Lanier says the beer mash is something they could not afford to buy on their own. This partnership makes it completely free and brings it all full circle.

“It’s awesome,” Moore said. “We get to see cows that have eaten our grain and been fed off of it and enjoyed it.”

And for Old River Farms, Lanier says this is what they’re all about.

“It’s always just kind of our goal to make sure things aren’t wasted,” Lanier said.

It’s a win for both sides, and especially the cows.

“When there’s something like this that offer sour animals a little bit of boost in protein and maybe more than anything, just a nice little fun snack for them, we’re going to do it,” Lanier said.

For Flying Machine Brewing Company, Moore says finding other ways to get rid of the beer mash can get expensive.

The brewery has been working with Old River Farms for around a year now.

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