Local computer expert: Windows 7 could put you at risk

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Is your computer still running Microsoft Windows 7? If so, you could be putting yourself at risk unless you upgrade soon.

This past Friday marked six months until Microsoft will end all support for Windows 7. This means no more security updates or technical assistance.

Several online surveys show about 35 percent of computers are still running the nearly ten year old operating system.

Tom Hines, on-site technician for Computer Warriors in Leland and Wilmington, says not upgrading to Windows 10 by the January 14, 2020 deadline could put your personal information at risk.

“If you recall, several months ago during the major hack attempts against hospitals and the city of Atlanta, all of those hack attempts came through because of outdated operating systems,” Hines said.

Hines says Windows 10 is compatible with most computers running Windows 7.

“In addition to security, Windows 10 is a lot smarter, it does a lot of the troubleshooting for you, which very helpful when working from home. But the last big update is coming within the next couple of weeks for Windows 7,” he said.

Hines says if you don’t install that update, your support could end as early as July.

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