Local equine rescue is saving more than just horses

BOLIVIA, NC (WWAY) — The Cape Fear Equine Rescue League is in the business of saving lives. The league has expanded their reach to help more than just horses.

“We used to just do horses, but now we’ve widened that to all farm animals. Because a lot of times when we go into places where there’s horse neglect there’s others. And it was obvious, painfully obvious, that we needed to broaden our scope.
When we get them they are near to death,” said Debbie Bartholomew, the Executive Director of the league.

They take in goats. chickens, and a number of other farm animals. They work with each animal to rehabilitate it and then get it ready to be adopted into a new home.

“It’s really interesting to watch these animals come in neglected, abused, and malnourished and then you take and you give them a little love and food and attention and they grow into something beautiful,” said Jillian Bowling, a member of the Bits and Boots 4-H Club. The club works closely with the animals that are brought in.

One horse, Kane, was found abandoned in a swamp. Kane was one of the lucky ones. He wasn’t in terrible shape and the league was able to get him healthy again. The pony he was found with was not as lucky. The pony was so badly injured and malnourished they had no choice but to put him down.

Kane is set to be adopted on Tuesday. He will be moving to a new home and a brighter future in Brunswick County.

All the money that comes into the equine rescue goes directly to the horses, whether it been food, medicine, doctor visits, or transportation.

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