Local gyms see increase in memberships, but overall decrease since March

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s the busiest time of the year for gyms. But with Coronavirus numbers on the rise again, many gyms and personal training facilities are not seeing the numbers they hoped for.

Fern McClure, a Membership Experience Team Member at O2 Fitness said they’re seeing an increase in memberships compared to 2020, and more residents are interested in achieving their New Year’s Resolutions after months in quarantine.

McClure says O2 fitness is working to accommodate those numbers, requiring masks, having members carry personal spray bottles to wipe down machines after using them, hiring daily cleaning crews, and even shutting down the gym midday to deep clean for an hour.

McClure and 3 Dimensional Fitness Owner, Willie Davis said they’ve seen fewer people hit the gym in 2021 compared to other New Year’s.

“For example, we used to have about 1300 check in’s a day. Just in this location,” explained McClure. “Now we will get to a little over 200 to 300. So, there’s been a pretty significant decrease.”

Davis just hopes this year of all years, locals will prioritize their health.

“If there’s any kind of fitness regiment you can do at home,” Davis said, “anything at all that you can do to stay active, stay fit. But as far as personal training goes, it really does help as far as boosting your immune system, to fight off viruses and you know, colds and flu.”

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