Local health expert offers tips on prioritizing mental health in the spring

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A local health expert is encouraging people to use the new season to not only reorganize their spaces, but to try “spring cleaning” their brains.

For many spring can mean a new start, but for others it could mean dealing with anxiety or stress. Psychologist Kathleen Young, Director of Behavioral Medicine with Novant Health offered tips on how you can mentally deal with the new season.

She recommends thinking about your environment, organizing your spaces, and being mindful of things you are doing.

“Remembering the core values that we have, and the things that we want to connect to can also be really helpful, and of course as always being able to find connections with others to get ideas and to be able to just get reconnected with maybe people that we’ve lost touch with can also a useful thing to do,” said Dr. Kathleen Young.

Young says some triggers for anxiety and stress this spring include worries about COVID, seasonal allergies and the change to daylight saving time.


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