Local human rights activist travels to Sudan to speak with Meriam Ibrahim

Carolina Beach, NC (WWAY)– They’re not diplomats or politicians; they’re just ordinary people trying to make peace. Jeffrey Burns flew to Sudan to meet with Meriam Ibrihim. She is imprisoned and facing execution for converting to Christianity.

Burns describes the experience by saying, “It’s amazing, you can see something on the internet, a human rights issue.. A sad story, but to walk in a room and actually touch that is phenomenal.”

He said, she was very private, but she did have one request, “just pray that I’m let free”

Burns works for a group called Peace Catalyst International. They got a chance to speak with several activists, as well as the foreign minister of Sudan.

“He looked at me and said, this case is not going to be followed through upon,” Burns said.

Burns told us, the most important thing in cases like this, is to get people talking to people.

He explained, “all of a sudden, if you connect with me on a human level things begin to happen, things begin to change. That’s what we have found.”

Burns says almost everyone he talked to during his time in Sudan thinks it’s not a viable case and execution is not a viable option.

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