Local organization assists Hurricane Florence evacuees with housing

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — It’s been nearly two years and some people are still struggling to recover. That includes residents with housing issues.

Some Hurricane Florence victims are finally moving back into their homes.

Many of their items were destroyed, so the Cape Fear Volunteer Center put out a plea for donations.

“There was so many texts coming in, it was…and the other phone was ringing. I told you to hold on, I put the cellphone down and grabbed the other one. It was crazy, so I’ve been overwhelmed,” Volunteer Kathryn Geiger said.

She expressed how good it felt to be involved with helping Hurricane Florence evacuees and seeing the community step up to donate what it can.

“Furniture, coffee pots, linens, towel sheets, bed sets, fans, microwaves…it’s amazing. Everybody’s really showing the good inside of them,” Geiger explained.

Hurricane Florence destroyed homes in the Cape Fear in September of 2018, and recovery has been slow.

Geiger described helping one resident finally move into the Market North Apartments.

“I helped her unpack two days ago, and just everything was moldy, and we had to get rid of it. She was in a hotel for a while, but prior to that, she was on the street for a long time, but these apartments and subsidizing is really helping them out a lot,” Geiger said.

Director Annie Anthony said with COVID-19 impacts, the 15-year non-profit just can not forget about those who have been struggling long before the pandemic.

“FEMA’s gone, and there were so many people that helped when the storm came along, but many of them are onto helping people with COVID, and tornados, and everything else, so we put a plea out on Facebook, and the public has really been rising to the occassion.”

The Cape Fear Volunteer Center is also working with other organizations to help evacuees. If you would like to get involved, click here.

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