Local political figures react to appeals court voter ID decision

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A federal appeals court ruled Friday that North Carolina’s voter ID law was discriminatory. This comes after a panel of three judges reversed a lower court’s decision to uphold the law.

The law required voters to present a certain form of ID to cast a ballot, as well as restricted early voting and prevented people from registering and voting on the same day.

Representative Susi Hamilton, said she opposed the law because she said it was meant to keep minorities, elderly and college students from being able to vote.

“It was very plain, that to those of us who were opposed to it, that it was intended to keep African-Americans and students from voting,” said Hamilton.

Joe Agovino, chairman of the Brunswick County Republican organization, said they don’t believe the law is meant to keep anyone from the polls.

“You need a photo ID to accomplish anything and everything, and you don’t need it to vote. It seems a little ridiculous,” said Agovino.

North Carolina’s voter ID law was rewritten in 2013.

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