Local Red Cross volunteer goes above and beyond

It’s Women’s History Month, and a volunteer with the Cape Fear Chapter of the American Red Cross is making her mark, right here in southeastern North Carolina.

Daryl Steinbraker has been volunteering with the American Red Cross for 15 years, and serves as a disaster action team member who covers Pender and Duplin counties.

“There’s no greater feeling, if you think you’ve had a bad day, and you go out and someone has lost their home, it is an attitude adjustment. It really makes you recognize that the little things you faced that day were nothing compared to what these folks have gone through,” said Daryl Steinbraker, American Red Cross volunteer.

During Hurricane Florence, Steinbraker’s home was filled with more than 6 feet of water.

Despite the challenges, she continued to volunteer, working in an emergency shelter for several weeks after the storm.

“It was a gift, because we lost our home in Florence and we had to move away for 9 months, and have it repaired and rebuilt, and during that time I was able to help other people,” Steinbraker said. “I was able to not have to sit and dwell on the things that I was dealing with when in fact, when helping other people that maybe even less fortunate than we were.”

Steinbraker says she is thankful for the opportunity to serve the local community and provide assistance to those who may face a disaster, like she once did.

“I think when I started I wasn’t clear about what it might mean, and have grown to have such enormous respect for the people in the county, who do this day in, day out, and feeling like it was something I could give back,” she said. “I know that’s sort of an overused term, but its nonetheless how you feel, and I’m certain that there would be other people, if I need needed it, there to help me.”

Steinbraker’s current duties with the Red Cross include connecting fire victims in Pender and Duplin counties with relief services.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer with the Red Cross, click here. 

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