Many drivers wait in long lines amid gas pump panic

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — Many drivers sat in relatively shorter lines to fill up their tanks on Wednesday.

Lines at one Leland station stretched to nearby traffic circles, but today many stations were prepared. Station employees and police officers stood outside to direct traffic.

Many drivers said they were grateful for less extreme conditions, though they worried as their tanks got close to empty.

“I’m about out. On empty,” said one man, who was getting ready to travel to West Virginia.

“I was down about a quarter of a tank. I saw an opportunity, so I jumped in,” another said, smiling as he filled up his SUV.

Another man said his car was on “E” for several miles. “I was doing very bad until I found this gas station. And now I’m full.”

“My husband just purchased this (truck) last night,” a woman explained as she filled up his red truck. “And it only had an eighth of a gallon of fuel left in it. The dealership couldn’t fill it up for us because nobody had gas.”

“As long as gas is available, we’re fine,” one Leland retiree said. “We just have to be patient with each other.”

Officials recommend waiting to get gas until you need it, limiting trips, turning off AC, and lightening your vehicle’s load.

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