Locals react to election results

BRUNSWICK COUNTY (WWAY) — The unofficial results are in. And though many in the Cape Fear Region are happy with the outcome, others are just thankful the wait is over.

“I’m excited,” says Dominasia Price. “I’m happy that it’s over with. Now we can focus on something else.”
While Isabella Lyons sighs, “I’m really relieved. It’s kind of pressure taken off my shoulders that we have a new leader that’s gonna, do good.”

Her mother feels similarly: “It’s the first time in a very long time I’ll be able to sleep.”

Others, say the wait for official results is just the beginning:

“I get tired of all the political pundits saying yes, Trump won. Yes, Biden won. I just want it settled clearly. Fairly, so that the nation can move on.”

“Like I said, weird week,” another voter stated. “It was kind of weird waking up and not knowing who the president was you know after going to bed with the elections going on. But, yeah I just kind of think the whole thing got turned into a fiasco.”

When it comes to our community’s faith in the electoral process, the vote is mixed:

“There’s a lot of, you know, little shady things going on. Where, it’s gonna get settled. It’s gonna have to go to the courts. That’s the only place it’ll get settled.”

“Well I believe that it is,” responds Suzette Price. “You know, when you look at the electoral votes. And that is the standard thing to bring the presidency together. And if they can count the electoral votes, even if they recount those hand votes a thousand times, I don’t believe it’s gonna change the end result.”

But one thing many voters agree on…most people want what’s best for our nation.

“I’m just anxious and hope our country has the best leader it could possibly have,” said one voter.

But Suzette Price thinks we need more than just a leader:”Unity and peace is what we need to gain and what we need to keep. And not forget what we stand on as America.” ​

Diverse opinions after a divisive election. Many now looking for common ground, as the country ushers in a new administration.

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