Loggers from all over NC gather at annual Carolina Loggers Association meeting

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Loggers Association held its annual meeting this weekend.

Each year, the CLA meets to discuss their current affairs. Logging in North Carolina is $32.7 billion industry, and is vital to our economy.

This year’s meeting had a specific topic to discuss; Florence.

Executive director Ewell Smith says that Florence impacted their industry heavily, but that they always pull through.

“Overcoming a crisis like Florence sets us back but this is the important part: we always come back stronger after a crisis. It may seem horrible going through it. It is. It stinks— going through it but we know we can come back stronger on the other side,” Said Smith.

Another topic of conversation is a program CLA started called Logs for the Cause, working with loggers and other organizations in Wilmington helping first responders and veterans get back to their homes. Smith says that “rising tides raise all ships.”

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