Logistics Park in hunt for jobs

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — An industrial park in Brunswick and Columbus Counties is looking to lure jobs. The question is what will the counties offer a company with hundreds of jobs to come to the International Logistics Park?

The 1,000-acre plot of land lies on the Brunswick-Columbus County line along US 74/76. What is currently a construction site could gain new business in 2011.

Brunswick County Commissioner Marty Cooke says there are many reasons for businesses to relocate to the park.

“Some folks come to the region because of the geographic perspective,” he said. “We’ve had some industries come because of the principals involved wanted to come to a move temperate region or we’ve even had one person say ‘My wife likes the area.'”

The proximity to the highway and the Port of Wilmington are other factors Cooke says could motivate businesses to come to the area and potentially create thousands of jobs.

“If somebody brings in industry, they’re not going to bring a truckload of people. They’re not going to bring everybody with them. They are going to opportunities for people for good paying jobs, for people who live in this area already,” Cooke said.

Columbus County resident Corinthian Bailey said new jobs are important here.

“It’s been so hard,” Bailey said. “Everybody’s been closing up and laying off, and you know people have families and stuff to take care of, and we really need the jobs in this area.”

There are reports the Logistics Park is in the running to land a company that would bring more than a thousand jobs. Brunswick County Economic Development Director Jim Bradshaw said he would not talk about it until the beginning of January.

In the meantime, Bailey says she thinks the new year will bring good news.

“We are a blessed county anyhow, so it’s going to come to us regardless,” Bailey said.

Brunswick and Columbus Counties are in direct competition with other counties for the business. They will meet later this week to discuss possible incentives.

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