Man breaks jump rope Guinness World Record

Jump Rope
Ryan Alonzo breaks Guinness World Record in October 2022 (Photo: Ryan Alonzo/CBS)

MANILA, PHILIPPINES (CBS) — Ryan Alonzo has skipped his way into two Guinness World Records.

The 35-year-old Filipino achieved his latest feat in July, and Guinness in October certified him as having consecutively completed 3,731 jump rope crossovers, which are done by crossing the arms in and out while rotating the rope around the body.

Alonzo’s other earlier record was in 2021, when he performed 40,980 double-under skips in 12 hours – that involves the rope passing around the body twice in a single jump.

Endurance was a common denominator in breaking the two records, he said, attributing marathon training with helping him prepare both physically and mentally.

The sportsman’s recent feats have earned him the nickname “Skipman”, but said he had utilised skipping for over a decade to warm-up for various sporting activities like basketball and boxing.

It was only at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic when he took skipping more seriously, as a way of keeping fit after fitness venues were closed and activities restricted.

Alonzo said he wants to break another record, but he was more keen for his achievements to raise awareness about skipping as a sport, as well as inspire people in the Philippines.

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