Video of man fishing in flood waters goes viral

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Carolina Beach is one of the places in the Cape Fear region that has seen a lot of flooding following this weekend’s rainfall.

A video of a man fishing in a parking lot on Lake Park Boulevard in Carolina Beach has gone viral. So far, it’s been viewed more than 500,000 times. A portion of the road is closed off because all the rain has caused the lake to overflow. With the road closed and the water rising, some took this opportunity to see if they could catch anything.

David Schifter, who lives in Carolina Beach, shot the video and within hours of posting it’s been shared more 10,000 times.

He said weather like this gives way to catching moments as they happen.

“Today I see in my parking lot some guy with a net, throwing the net and grabbing two foot long mullets, and I am thinking this guy got it made, he’s throwing the net and catching like three at a time and I caught it on tape,” said Schifter.

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