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NC southern flounder season comes to close next week

The N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission says that recreational and commercial southern flounder fishing will close on September 4. 

Shellfish Aquaculture Act expected to boost economy

The North Carolina Federation says shellfish farmers are in store for a business boom. Last week, Governor Roy Cooper signed a bill that could grow the industry into a $100 million enterprise by 2030. 

North Carolina’s freshwater fish record falls after 36 years

North Carolina's decades-old freshwater fish record has fallen.

Boaters needed to help disabled veterans enjoy a day on the water

If you have a boat and live in eastern North Carolina, Operation North State is asking you to register as a host boater. It’s all to help with the 5th Annual Top Shelf Fishin’ Festival.

NOAA maintains East Coast bluefish catch rules for this year

Federal fishing regulators say catch quotas and regulations for Atlantic bluefish will be about the same this year as they were in 2018.

Fewer dogfish to be commercially fished on East Coast in ’19

Federal fishing regulators say they're reducing the quota for a small species of shark that is fished commercially off the East Coast.

Bacteria concerns shuts down shellfishing in Lockwood Folly

Nearly 3,000 acres of shell-fishing waters in our area now closed indefinitely, leaving both commercial fishers and seafood dealers concerned about their livelihoods.

Herring fishing restricted south of Cape Cod for rest of ’19

The federal government is limiting the harvest of an important bait fish for the rest of the year from Massachusetts to North Carolina.

NC Coastal Federation needs watermen to help clean up lost fishing gear

The North Carolina Coastal Federation is searching for commercial fishermen to help recover lost crab pots.

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