Many landlords are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic too

CHARLOTTE, NC (WSOC) — Many tenants are struggling right now — They can’t pay rent. And, when the courts start hearing eviction cases again, they could be out of a home.

Some landlords are hurting as well, ones who rely on rent for their entire income.

Shondala Kelly says she has an adult daughter with disabilities. She takes care of her full-time and she rents out four homes in Charlotte. That’s her job.

“That’s my income,” Kelly said. “Two of them paid on the 5th and one owes two months actually.”

Normally, she would evict tenants who don’t pay and get new renters who will. But, the courts aren’t allowed to hear eviction cases until later this month. In Mecklenburg County’s case, the court determined it won’t begin those trials until July, at the earliest.

“My tenants may pay. But I can’t even file eviction. That’s usually the recourse I have,” Kelly said. “They are not bad tenants. They’re not causing me problems. I realize that the COVID virus is here. It’s affecting all of us. Not just them.”

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