Miller-Motte College information breached

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Students at Miller-Motte College should be concerned as some learned that their personal information may have been hacked.

A concerning letter is what some students got, saying their personal information could be at risk.

Student information is handled by delta career education corporation and a letter sent out by the company says at the end of march they completed an investigation after suspicious activity was detected.

It goes on to say the system was hacked and the information affected includes, names, addresses and social security numbers.

The news came as a shock to some students.

“That’s kind of upsetting because we come here, everything is supposed to confidential, and the fact that people can hack in and get our personal information is not good. It’s not a good thing,” Dollita Nugen, a student at Miller-Motte College said.

Other students say that nothing can be done now.

“I feel like people do their best to secure their networks and you really can’t stop people. If people are going to steal, they’re going to steal,” Chase Mickey, a student at Miller-Motte College, said.

But students can agree that something needs to be done so this never happens again.

“I mean at a small school like this, I’m not sure what happened but you know when it happened, how much information they got. But I’m sure they are taking the necessary precautions to try to stop it,” Mickey said.

“some people need to go and check all their information and find what’s going on, check their credit, find out what’s happening. I’ve been hacked before but not through this school, but it can hurt,” Nugen said.

Delta career apologizes for what happened.

We reached out to Chuck Vella, a spokesman for the school, but he says he can not comment on the matter right now.

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