Muddle some blueberries and get to mixing, we’re making mocktails

You don’t need alcohol this summer to have a good time, all you need is some fresh ingredients and a glass!

Professional mixologist Cabell Bryan, from The Blind Elephant in Wilmington is giving us an inside look at some fun, fresh summer drinks you can make for your next party.

Georgia Juice:

Muddled fresh peaches


Turmeric Tea

Coconut Cream

Fresh orange and lemon juice

Shake and strain into a martini glass with ice, and enjoy!

Bella’s Blues:

Muddled fresh blueberries

Ginger beer

Orange blossom honey syrup

Fresh lemon juice

Strain into a glass, add seltzer, garnish with a mint sprig, drink up and enjoy!

The Blind Elephant is a 1920’s prohibition bar that operates in an alley on Front Street in downtown Wilmington. It features a multitude of elixirs in a cozy atmosphere and hosts live music events regularly.

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