N. Topsail Beach pursues next step for terminal groin

NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH, NC (WWAY) — North Topsail Beach leaders are pursuing a terminal groin after ongoing concerns with beach erosion.

After years of erosion, a row of homes destroyed, and millions of dollars in re-nourishment projects and emergency sand bags, North Topsail Beach homeowners are concerned for the future of their beach. That is why mayor pro tem Dick Macartney said they met with the Onslow County Manager to find another solution especially for the north end.

“Property owners up there are very concerned with how long their property will last and how we can keep that part of the island from moving into the inlet,” Macartney said.

That is why the town wants to move forward with the next step for a terminal groin.

“I’ve been working on this for 11 years,” Macartney said. “It’s tough when you see the finish line keep moving away, but I’m confident we’re on the right track.”

While the town is hopeful a hard structure will be the answer to their problems, coastal biologist Lindsay Addison said, from an environmental perspective, terminal groins do more harm than good.

“They disrupt the natural processes that create and maintain habitat for many different types of coastal species including federally listed birds,” Addison said. “They also can cause down drift erosion on the ocean front side of the island.”

That is why the town agreed to split a $500,000 bill with the county to do more research.

“For an environmental impact statement to determine what kind of structure or combination of structures is needed most,” Macartney said.

The agreement still needs to be signed by the county. If approved, coastal engineers said it would cost $7 to $10 million and take three years to complete.

Town leaders also decided that they do not have the money to put any sand on the beach this year, but they will get the permits to start next year on the ocean bar project.

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