NC 9 Congressional candidate makes campaign stop in Bladen County

ELIZABETHTOWN, NC (WWAY) — The 9th Congressional District remains one of the only in the nation without representation in the U.S. House.

One candidate returned to Bladen County where it all began when allegations of vote tampering in the 2018 election toppled the results and led to criminal charges. Voters have roughly two months before they will head to the polls for a do-over.

“I feel very strongly about that that there should not be another race because the Democrats did not create the problem,” said Bobby Guyton who supports McCready. “It was created by the Republicans by what they did in the general election. So he should already be in Washington and be seated.”

Democrat Dan McCready made a stop at his campaign headquarters in Elizabethtown Monday. McCready’s stop was one of three he made in Bladen, Richmond and Scotland counties. The general special election day is set for September 10th.

“I don’t care if someone is a democrat, an independent, or a republican everybody deserves better than what we’re getting out of Washington,” said McCready.

During the entire event, McCready did not mention his opponents. Republican Dan Bishop of Mecklenburg County and Libertarian Jeff Scott are also on the ballot for NC 9.

“Each vote counts each election is very important and it’s important that we get the right person in that seat,” said local NAACP member and voter Rachel Mitchell.

The ballot does not include candidates for president or governor, but voters in Bladen County realize it’s importance.

“It’s because of Bladen County that we even have a new election so yes I would expect him to come to town,” said Guyton.

McCready answered several questions and stuck to his platforms of championing renewable energy in rural NC counties to help boost the labor force. McCready also talked about his key issues of Medicaid expansion and increased education funding.

For voters in the room, however, a key issue was brought up, the elephant in the room that is the entire reason why McCready returned to Bladen County.

“We go through this struggle constantly in each election about suppressing the votes,” said one voter talking about the illegal ballots harvesting and tampering scheme that led to the State Board of Elections issuing a new election in the county and district.

“I’m eager to see that happen and I’m eager to see a fair election and that we can put that situation behind us in North Carolina so that something like that never happens again,” said McCready.


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