NC Black Film Festival comes to Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY-TV) — The NC Black Film festival kicks off in Wilmington Thursday and we sat down with a local filmmaker and the director of the event to learn more.

Festival Director Charlon Turner and “Wilmington on Fire” producer Christopher Everett, both say they are excited to see Black films highlighted in our area.

Turner says there will be a lot to do for everyone.

“Yes, a lot of activities. We kick off the festival tomorrow on Thursday evening at 6pm with what we call our center mixer which is the opening reception, and our opening film we have a family and cinema on Saturday, We do a film makers tour on Friday and we have a closing film on Sunday with fashion and film,” says Turner.

They will also highlight a film in partnership with another Film festival organization.

“Yes, we have and that is, Service to Man, That’s the opening film that will air tomorrow at 7:30 and we are partnering with the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival and very excited to partner with one of the sister festivals here in the area,” says Turner.

And that film will highlight two doctors from two different paths and it’s based on a true story, again as you mentioned, with the Jewish Film Festival you’ll be able to air that which is very important and one of the big film’s that’s going to for the first time be shown here at this film festival.

Christopher Everett produced Wilmington on Fire, which has a lot of buzz and was featured in the New Yorker.

Everett says, “Well, Wilmington on Fire, it’s a feature length documentary and it’s about the 1898 Wilmington massacre in Wilmington, North Carolina and it’s aftermath.”

That film will be available to watch at 4:30 this Saturday, September 17th at Union Station at Cape Fear Community College.

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