NC Parks and Recreation want to ensure a safe Memorial Day weekend

NORTH CAROLINA (WWAY) — As Memorial Day weekend approaches, NC state park officials are asking you to plan ahead to make sure your time in state parks is safe and fun. If you plan to visit one of the many recreation areas across our state, park rangers ask that you keep these tips in mind:

  • Plan for any traffic congestion in and around the park when searching for available parking spaces.
  • Carpool whenever possible to optimize parking area space.
  • Plan to arrive early as parking is limited.
  • Do not attempt to park outside of recreation areas and walk into the park. Pedestrians will not be allowed into the park.
  • Do not park in “No Parking” zones. Park rangers, state troopers and other law enforcement officers will enforce parking violations by towing and fines.
  • Supervise small children near water and wear a life jacket while boating.
  • Always swim with a friend.

Remember to always be safe when traveling and planning your holiday weekend, whether visiting state park recreation areas, out enjoying your boat, or swimming in the water in designated areas.

For more information on safety tips at the state parks, click here.


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